What is Post-Licensing?

The majority of images online are being used without permission. We’re here to help solve that problem. When an image has been used without authors permission, post-licensing resolves the infringement by working with the image user to properly license the image.

How are we doing it?

We apply our technology and legal knowledge with an approach that is reasonable to help content owners get paid fairly for their work and help turn infringers into clients by avoiding unnecessary legal charges.
Using our years of experience, international network of lawyers, state of the art technology we help our clients detect unlicensed uses of their images.

Why work with KODAKOne?

Minimum Involvement needed

Our clients spend minimal time on their KODAKOne client portal as they are only presented with cases which have already been through an approval process and are ready to be sent out.
Over 50% of the cases presented to our clients are approved and pursued.

Using Post-Licensing as a Sales Tool

KODAKOne understands that copyright infringement is lost business for photographers. We do not only want to help them to be compensated for unlicensed image use but also establish a future relationship with the image user.
Our post-licensing platform offers image users the opportunity to purchase a license for continued use.

Team up with one of the World’s most known Brands

As one of the most recognisable brand names in the world, KODAK has licensed their brand name to KODAKOne to help photographers get paid fairly for all uses of their work. KODAK provides us with trust and credibility when approaching image users.

<< We help our international clients, supporting them with complicated image licensing requests in all aspects of rights clearances. KODAKOne has made our life so much easier by providing us with an easy way of monitoring illegal use of images and reaching out on behalf of our clients where there is unlicensed use. >>
Gudrun Wronski from BLAUBLUT

<< As an experienced and established photographer, I have a lot of trust in the KODAK brand. When I familiarized myself with the KODAKOne post-licensing platform I was sure this was where I would feel at ease with my work. Our collaboration has been very successful in the time I’ve been with the company. >>
Ken Schluchtmann​

Find out where your images are

Are you a professional photographer and is your work being used without your permission? Discover a new revenue stream with minimal effort.

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