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We build innovative blockchain technology that protects, distributes and licenses your work allowing you to focus on creating great imagery.

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of the image economy

The rise of the internet paired with the ubiquity of mobile devices has fueled growth in both the total number of photos circulated and how that content is used -- much of which is used without the copyright holders permission.

For photographers and those licensing their creative work, the landscape has changed: more images, globally available, has led to lower average license fees for using a picture. The result? More work and less income.

With KODAKOne, our blockchain-based image rights management platform, and KODAKCoin cryptocurrency, we’re here to level out the playing field.


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Tackling the challenges
of the image economy

We believe that blockchain technology is the ideal way for photographers and agencies to store their image assets and associated metadata in a way that track ownership, rights and license transactions regardless of where those images are used and by whom.

By pairing this with KODAKCoin tokens, our bespoke cryptocurrency, we are creating a licensing platform, which tracks usage, gives creators more control over licensing, while enforcing copyright and creating a marketplace for all of a photographers needs.


With KODAKCoin tokens, payments will be simplified and faster. All stakeholders involved in the licensing process worldwide will receive their share simultaneously according to the terms of the smart contract saved on our Licensing Blockchain. Additionally, it is the driving force behind our marketplace where photographers can purchase almost everything they need in order to succeed in their professional life. (e.g.: Hardware, Software, Travel, Logistics etc.)


Our platform functions as a “police officer,” enabling any infringements to be quickly discovered; the platform identifies violations and provides simplified legal proceedings and preservation of evidence; with a friendly approach we aim to recover license fees and convert infringers into customers.

Artificial Intelligence

Through AI, the KODAKOne platform will help evaluate, categorize, and enrich images in multiple ways -- helping collect and tag valuable information associated with a certain image to help photographers and agencies effortlessly organize imagery. The KODAKOne platform will also support copyright holders to legally clear their images and make that process as easy as possible.

Big Data

By using AI technology, we will collect and process everything there is to know about an image, including how people are using it digitally. This provides photographers and agencies with realtime intel to assist them with content plans, refining distribution and marketing strategies.


Our digitized, decentralized blockchain ledger will make it easy to store and access information without the need to go through a central authority such as a distributor. You will have much more control over your licensing and most importantly could earn a much higher share of the license fee. It establishes proof of ownership and enables our platform to process license fees in real time using Smart Contracts -- lending both trust and ultimate control to copyright holders worldwide.

Web Crawling

Our web crawlers search millions of websites globally in order to collect active data about the usage of a photograph and to check for a valid license. By using Artificial Intelligence (AI), the more information the crawler collects, the more intelligent and efficient it becomes in data collection and infringement identification over time.

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What is it?

How does blockchain power the KODAKOne platform?

Blockchain holds tremendous potential and business leaders around the world increasingly seek ways to apply the technology to specific industries and niches.

Given the immutable nature of a blockchain ledger or system, the KODAKOne platform is focused on providing practical applications for professional photographers.

Other KODAKOne platform features will include:

Provides immutable proof of ownership of your images and enables members to take advantage of the platform’s wider services.

Every license will be documented by a smart contract on the blockchain confirming copyrights, licensing terms and conditions to the associated image or images.

Royalty payments will be able to be received instantly via KODAKOne platform’s smart accounting and reporting system; community members don’t need a separate accounting system, as all payment and accounting related information is saved on the blockchain.

Our KODAKOne platform marketplace will enable KODAKCoin token holders to buy, sell and book products and services.

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